Who Are We 

With over 50 years’ experience within our Leadership Team, we deliver unique solutions in the railway environment. 

Providing both project management and engineering services to ensure cost effective delivery of railway projects from conception to completion. 
From new signalling schemes and re-controls of existing infrastructure to Level Crossing renewals, life extensions and delivering cutting edge technologies for the digital railways. 
We have been heavily involved with bringing new products to the industry, in the most challenging of environments, ensuring safety of passengers, infrastructure and running stock as well as interfaces to highways and the public. 

What We Want 

Having gained experience of delivering projects across the UK, we feel now is the time to take this knowledge and understanding of the UK rail infrastructure and deliver directly to our clients. 
Bringing a safety culture second to none, environmental innovations, cost and time reductions of the projects, whilst demonstrating a determination to our client and sponsors of a real desire to improve the infrastructure and environment we operate in. 
We can deliver projects that offer a truly safe environment for our staff, clients and supply chain to thrive in, using best practise to deliver cost effective railway solutions, gaining long term trust and portfolios of work. 
What Our Leadership Team Has Achieved 

Signalling Schemes 

Re-Signalling Schemes = 13 
Life Extension Schemes = 4 
Re-Modelling / Other = 11 
Example Contracts 
Birmingham Moor Street Phase 3 (GRIP 4 to 8) 
Banbury & Aynho Turnback (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Manchester Metrolink Track Renewals (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Manchester Airport Platform 3 (GRIP 5) 
Reading to Paddington Line Speed Enhancements (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Paddington Signal Head Replacement Scheme (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Aylesbury Vale Parkway Station & Signalling Upgrade (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Lightmoor Junction Re-Signalling (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Oxley Re-Signalling (GRIP 1 to 4) 
South West Wales Life Extension (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Stalybridge Re-Signalling (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Thrumpton Re-Signalling (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Romiley Re-Control (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Ebbw Vale Track Re-Doublling (GRIP 4) 
Dinting Re-Signalling (GRIP 4) 
Platform Extensions – South West Trains (GRIP 5 to 8) 
RuN –Rugby Nuneaton Re-Signalling (GRIP 6 to 8) 
ETCS RIDC Implementation Works (GRIP 4) 
S&C Renewals - London North East and East Midlands 
Gravesend Station Re-Modelling (GRIP 5 to 8) 
East Coast Renewals Scheme 
Aberdeen to Stonehaven Re-Signalling (GRIP 6) - Ongoing 
Latchmere Curve Re-Signalling (GRIP 4) 
Teesbridge Re-Signalling (GRIP 4)  
Haymarket North Tunnel Electrification – Signal Bonding Program (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Bushbury & Styal Booster Transformer & Structure Renewals (GRIP 5 to 8) 

 Level Crossings 

UWC, FP & MSL = 37 
AOCL / ABCL = 5 
TMOB = 1 
MG = 7 
CCTV = 2 
MCB = 20 
MCB-OD = 6 
AHBs = 3 
Closures = 1 
Total = 82 Crossings 

 Example Contracts 

Maryport MCB Renewal (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Silverdale MCB Renewal (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Causeway MCG to CCTV Upgrade (GRIP 4 to 8) 
Askam MCB Renewal (GRIP 4 to 8) 
Sandscale AOCL to AHB Upgrade (GRIP 4 to 8) 
Silecroft MCB Renewal (GRIP 4 to 8) 
Bainton AHB to MCB-OD ▪ Bainton Green AHB to MCB-OD 
Whitland MCB Renewal ▪ Ferryside MCB Renewal ▪ Pembrey MCB Renewal ▪ Kidwelly MCB Renewal 
Upgrade all crossings with compliant Approach Locking Controls: ▪ Bromfield AHB ▪ Deal MCB ▪ Littons Mill MG ▪ Pantyffynnon AOCL ▪ Minety MG ▪ Caverswall MCB ▪ Ferryside MCB ▪ Marchwood MG ▪ School Road MG ▪ Skelly Crag MG ▪ Saltcoats MG ▪ Monks Sidings MCB ▪ Truro MCB ▪ Chapel Lane MG ▪ Culgaith MCB ▪ Kidwelly MCB ▪ Morton MCB ▪ Whissendine MCBl 
Townley MCB Renewal (GRIP 5 to 8) 
Stocks Lane MCG to CCTV Upgrade (Grip 4 to 8) 
Parksouth MCB Renewal (GRIP 4 to 8) 
Mobberley & Deganwy MCB Renewals (GRIP 5 to 8) 
St. Bees MCB Renewal (GRIP 4 to 8) 
Selby Road AHB to MCB-OD Upgrade ▪ Womersley AHB to MCB-OD Upgrade ▪ Spring Lodge AHB to MCB-OD Upgrade ▪ Criddling Stubbs AHB to MCB-OD Upgrade ▪ Post Office Lane AHB to crossing closure. 
Ham Mill FP to MSL Upgrade ▪ Bowbridge FP to MSL Upgrade ▪ Ebley UWC/FP to MSL Upgrade 
Porthmadog TMOB Renewal ▪ Allens AOCL to UWC Downgrade ▪ Fairbourne AOCL+B to ABCL Upgrade ▪ Talwrn Bach AOCL+B to ABCL Upgrade 
Roydon Lock FPW/UWC to MSL Upgrade ▪ Elephant FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Church Lane FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Maltings FPW/UWCT to MSL Upgrade ▪ Golf Links FPK to MSL Upgrade ▪ Cottingham Foot FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Toad Hole Lane FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Stone Station FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Torphin FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Panholes FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Anniesmuir UWCT to MSL Upgrade ▪ Ladybank Golf Course FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Droughduil UWC to MSL Upgrade ▪ Hale Farm FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Canalside 2 FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Sandy Lane Footpath FPK ▪ Stoke Prior 27 FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Woodborough FPS to MSL Upgrade 
ools No.2 UWC to MSL Upgrade ▪ Hockley FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Frating Abbey FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Jefferies FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Abbotts FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Fourstones Station FPW/UWCT to MSL Upgrade ▪ Balcathie FPW/UWCT to MSL Upgrade ▪ Mondynes FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ East Cottages FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Balvaird Farm FPW to MSL Upgrade ▪ Chapelton Farm UWCT to MSL Upgrade ▪ Christian Malford FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Upper Studley FPS to MSL Upgrade ▪ Penleigh Park FPK to MSL Upgrade ▪ Grove FPG to MSL Upgrade ▪ Wantage Road FPS to MSL Upgrade 

 Additional Experience and Competencies 

Axle Counters 
Fault Finding 
Points (Clamp Locks / HW2000 / Hydrive) 
Ti21 Digital Track Circuits 
EBI Track 200 & 400 Series Track Circuits 
R&D of MCB-OD Compliant Fencing systems 
S&C Renewals 
TDM Systems 
Signalling Installation 
FTNx transmissions 
Railway Group Standards 
Health & Safety Management 


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