At 360 Rail, our vision is to deliver engineering, technical and project excellence to our clients across the UK. 

To bring the UK railway into the 21st Century through our passion, innovation, wealth of railway signalling experience and knowledge of UK railway construction. To drive safety engineering to the forefront of UK signalling delivery whilst delivering value for money to our clients. 


360 Rail provides turnkey solutions to facilitate the design, remodel and delivery of signalling systems, which are suited to the 21st century and the ever-changing landscape of the modern railway network.  
We undertake all aspects of signalling work, from design and installation to monitoring and testing, and we adopt a flexible approach, which recognises the unique demands of each setting and the preferences of each client. 


A commitment to creating safe, functional level crossings lies at the heart of our business.  
Having worked on over 80 level crossing projects, our management team has a wealth of experience in delivering outstanding results.  
We recognise that level crossings are vital, and we understand the importance of protecting train drivers and passengers, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians simultaneously. 


With decades of experience in civil engineering, 360 Rail has proficiency in undertaking a wide range of projects and a profound understanding of the fundamental principles that make this industry tick.  
Our highly-skilled, knowledgeable team has the expertise to exceed your expectations.  
We prioritise safety, we recognise the importance of environmental impact and we focus on achieving the best possible outcomes at competitive prices.  


At 360 Rail, we have extensive experience in managing a diverse range of engineering projects. We handle every aspect of each individual project from conception to completion, focusing on delivering optimum results safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.  
We tailor our management services to cater for the needs of every client, using our in-depth experience combined with a commitment to innovation to provide unique strategic solutions that are fit for the evolving demands of the digital age.  


At 360 Rail, we provide a broad spectrum of E&P services, which are designed to promote safety and facilitate swift and seamless project delivery with the ultimate aim of ensuring the rail network runs like clockwork.  
Drawing on over 75 years of industry experience, we identify and provide effective technical solutions for all your E&P needs.  


The digital railway enables us to manage and operate the railway in a very different way.  
Digital Railway’s strategy is to target digital system upgrades to modernise signalling and train control.  
The technology is already proven, backed by government policy, and built on open standards that operate across Europe. 


The world is changing at lightning speed and at 360 Rail, we’re primed and ready to supply you with cutting-edge, state of the art telecommunication services. 


Collaborative work plays a vital role in enabling us to achieve our goals.  
We provide proficient, efficient, cohesive contingent labour supply services to fill gaps in the workforce, offer cost-effective staffing solutions and connect our clients with the best in the business.  
We are proud to supply highly-skilled, motivated, dedicated and experienced professionals. 


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